Banyan Tree builds preschool on the island of Feydhoo, Maldives

Thursday, 20 December 2007 13:51

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru has built and launched a new preschool for children aged three to five on the island of Feydhoo in the Shaviyani atoll of The Maldives. The construction and development of the project is in line with Banyan Tree's aim to comply with the United Nation's eight Millennium Development Goals.

The school comprises three classrooms with a total capacity of 60 students and provides a spacious, clean and inspiring environment for children to learn. Other facilities include an enclosed play area, administrative office, and a multi-purpose room that can be used for women's committee meetings and educational classes for parents.

This inaugural project was funded by the Green Imperative Fund (GIF) which constitutes voluntary contributions by guests, that are in turn matched dollar for dollar by the resort. Coordinated by skilled associates from Banyan Tree Maldives, Vabbinfaru, the building was constructed by the local islanders which in turn generated additional income for the community. The project overcame various challenges, including the lack of a jetty, while hard work and dedication ensured the building was completed within three and a half months, ahead of the anticipated five-month schedule.

By establishing a proper, conducive classroom setting, together with an enclosed playground, the children would be motivated to attend classes at school. The facilities also allow teachers to conduct classes in smaller groups, hence providing better care and attention to those who need the extra support. Following its completion, the school has received encouraging response from the local community, as well as several new student enrolments.

The project has been managed and coordinated by the resort's Director of Conservation, Mr Abdul Azeez Abdul Hakeem. He comments, "We are gratified with this achievement and have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and support from parents. Details of the success of the project have spread throughout The Maldives and we have already been asked to replicate this model in other nearby atolls. Our aim now is to continue raising funds and support for the construction of new schools and also to provide furnishings and teaching equipment to enhance the environment inside the schools."

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About United Nations Eight Millennium Development Goals

The eight goals set by the United Nations are as follows:

- Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger

- Achieving universal primary education

- Promoting gender equality and empower women

- Reducing child mortality

- Improving maternal health

- Combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases

- Ensuring environmental sustainability

- Developing a global partnership for development

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Banyan Tree resorts are found in Phuket, Thailand (1994), Maldives Vabbinfaru (1995), Bintan, Indonesia (1995), Bangkok, Thailand (2002), Seychelles (2002), Ringha, China (2005), Lijiang, China (2006), Bahrain (2007) and Maldives Madivaru (2007). Flagship Banyan Tree Phuket was the first to introduce a tropical garden spa concept.

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In 2003, Colours of Angsana joined the Angsana portfolio. This boutique hotel collection appeals to the soft adventurer and cultural tourism sector. The current hotels are Gyalthang Dzong (Shangri-La, China), Deer Park Hotel (Giritale, Sri Lanka) and Maison Souvannaphoum (Luang Prabang, Laos).

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