Environment Ministry gives go ahead to build 16-storey hotel at Athireege, under conditions

Friday, 28 December 2007 21:03

The Environment Ministry has specified several conditions under which the project to build a 16-storey hotel at the site of H. Athireege could proceed and given permission for the project to go ahead if the conditions were met.

The Ministry said in a statement issued on Tuesday that the Holiday Inn project undertaken by Male’ Hotels Private Limited would be allowed to proceed after an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report was submitted and as long as other conditions proposed by the Ministry were met.

One of the conditions is to submit daily Environment Research Central Ground Vibration monitoring results to the Ministry, along with monthly reports of other environmental factors. The conditions also include installing crack monitors on the buildings surrounding the project area, pile driving at least 2m away from the outer walls of the nearest buildings, and offering compensations in case structural damage was inadvertently caused to the buildings nearby during the project.

“The conditions also state that in case of damage, or if the vibration levels exceed the safety limits specified in the EIA, the project will be halted immediately and compensation for the damages should be made,” the statement said.

The Environment Ministry had requested the Male’ Municipality that an EIA should be made for the hotel during last October. The project had been temporarily halted under Male’ Municipality’s direction after residents of nearby buildings reported they were experiencing tremors and cracks in the walls when the pile driving work to drive the piles 100ft into the ground had begun at Athireege.

The Environment Ministry also said that the EIA submitted by Male’ Hotels Private Limited was available for public review and comment on the Environment Research Centre’s website for a duration of 10 days.
Source: www.haveeru.com.mv


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