Tourist Safety Awareness Program commences

Tuesday, 18 March 2008 13:49

Maldives Police Services has revealed that a safety awareness program for tour guides has just begun yesterday night. This training program which is to be held for duration of one week is conducted jointly by the Police Academy and Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviations. Information will be provided by the experienced Police personnel and experts from other Government offices reports Maldives Police Services.

The purpose of this training program is to familiarize tour guides with the important factors of communicating effectively with tourists says police. Furthermore, it is also to attract tourists who leave the country to visit the Maldives for a second time.

According to Police the program is the first such training program held in the Maldives and has 26 participants.

In this program, information will be given about the protection for tourists according to the law and regulations. Furthermore, overall safety instructions for tourists and information about social, religious and traditional customs of Maldives will be provided.


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