Opportunities for small travel operators decreasing - MATI

Monday, 10 March 2008 22:59

Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI) has revealed that opportunities for small travel operators are getting narrower by the day.

MATI said this may be due to the unavailability of additional middle range resorts and beds for the small operators to market as well as due to the stagnant operation of charter flights during the last 2 to 3 years.

According to MATI charter market takes up 80% of the Maldives Tourism and that of late no additional middle range resorts were opened up. MATI says that the association does not believe that situation for the small operators have improved as the news the tourists season commence.

MATI says the reason for the high occupancy maintained in the resorts is because the capacity of resorts has not increased to meet the increasing popularity of Maldives as a favorite destination.

MATI also says that due to the slow rate of development of the islands that have been leased out for development of new resorts with a total capacity of 7076 beds the tourism industry and Maldivian economy is loosing a considerable amount of foreign currency every year. MATI believes that the role of tourism in the country’s economy can only be increased by establishing resorts that acceptable to tour operators.

MATI indicates that majority of the revenue earned from tourism is taken up by government in various forms mostly as taxes. In this regard MATI informs that 65% of the revenue from Tourism is directly given back to government as tax.


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