TMA to commence operations to Kadehdhoo

Monday, 24 March 2008 22:04

Trans Maldivian Airways have revealed that the airline will commence operations to Gdh Kadehdhoo effective from 1 of May 2008.
Director of Marketing Ahmed Latheef informs that operations to Kadehdhoo are due to increased passenger load to Ga and Gdh Atoll as well as to cater for the demands of the tourism industry.
“We will not introduce the second aircraft we purchased as yet as there are still some minor maintenance work , we will only introduce the aircraft once we are fully satisfied with it, of course we want to provide the best of comfort to all our clients” said TMA Director of Marketing Latheef.
TMA’s land based operations which commenced during May last year includes operations to Gan International Airport as yet. TMA is the only airline in Maldives which provides sea plane service and land based service. In addition to TMA seaplane service is being provided by Air Taxi Pvt Ltd.


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