Villingilli Tourist Resort won’t be completed by July: Tourism Ministry

Monday, 24 March 2008 22:01

Although the resort being developed by Shangri-La in Addu atoll is scheduled to open before July this year, work at Shangri-La’s Villingilli Resort & Spa won’t be completed in time, the Tourism Minister Dr. Mahmoodh Shaugy has said. He said that it would take at least an additional three months more for the resort to be finished completely despite the efforts by the company that had been assigned to the project.

“It is very possible that the work will not be finished by July,” he said. “We have been saying all this time that Villingilli will be completed and ready to open in July. We based that on the information given to us by the Addu Investment Company which Shangri-La had assigned to the project. Even during my visit to the site this month I saw that work was progressing at a very brisk pace. There are even now around 2000 people working on it.”

Villingilli’s main contractor Alyson Service’s CEO Mohamed Ali Janah said that 90 percent of the concrete work was now done and that the finishing work was now progressing.
“We are working non-stop day and night to complete it,” he said. “Sometimes we have a bit of trouble when bringing the materials. There have been times that the material shipments were delayed, but we are on target.”

The Public Relations and Home Affairs Manager of Shangri-La Hussain Naseem said that “we want to open Villingilli when it is completely ready – we don’t want to rush it.”

“We don’t want to open it just for the sake of doing so,” he said. “When it is opened it will be perfect. Villingilli will be among the best resorts in Maldives. Judging from the rate that the project is going we are sure that we will be able to open the resort near the end of the year.”
He also said that Shangri-La had earlier planned to complete the resort and open it in July 2008.
With 142 beds, Villingilli is the biggest resort to be developed in Maldives. The Maldivian Government has 30 percent share of the resort and the rest is owned by Addu Investment Private Limited. The resort also has also been designed with built in safeguards against natural disasters such as tsunamis.


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