Nasandhura Palace Hotel to be closed on 25 of May 2008

Friday, 4 April 2008 09:17

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has informed that Nasandhura Place hotel is to be closed on the 25 of next month.

Assistant Director General of Ministry of Tourism Mr. Mohamed Waheed said a date when the building would be demolished would be determined later as a decision has yet to be on the facilities of the hotel. Mr. Waheed said as these belong to the government, the Ministry can only reach a decision a date to commence demolition of the hotel, when the government decided what to do with the equipments.

Mr. Waheed further said that Ministry would award suitable compensation package to the staff of the hotel. Mr. Waheed further said the compensation package would depend on the service and the period. He further said in future a park is to be established where Nasandhura Hotel is now stands.

The hotel which began operations in 1981 with only 31 rooms includes a seminar hall plus a restaurant capable of accommodating 150 people. The hotel has been in operation for over 26 years. Although major changes have brought to the structure of the Hotel since it began operation, the hotel still uses its original building which it began operations with. The hotel currently has 110 staff of which 96% are Maldivians.

Government has informed that a new five star hotel 200 bed hotel is to be constructed on vacant land behind Dharubaaruge.


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