Constructions of City Hotel not progressing

Monday, 28 July 2008 08:00

One and Half Degree Maldives Pvt, the company who won the bid to construct the Fuvahmulah City Hotel has not carried out any work on the land allocated for the construction of the hotel, apart from erecting a boundary fence, Fuvahmulah Island Office has said.

According to Fuvahmulah Island Office, islanders are complaining as the land which previously used to be farm land is just being wasted. Island Office informed that islanders insist that if the construction is not going to continue then the land should be given back to farmers.

Island Chief Muneer Hassan speaking to Miadhu Daily informed that allocation of the land for the construction of the island’s city hotel is causing many difficulties for the islanders. He informed that at present no body is making use of the land plot for any purpose. “This is matter of huge concern for us, the land used to good farm land , but since the allocation for city hotel it is just there , no productive work is going on, islanders are not too happy “Island Chief Muneer said.

Muneer further said that he has raised the matter with the Tourism Ministry. He said according to tourism ministry the matter was looked in to and that discussions were being held with the contractors.

Tourism ministry awarded the contract to construct Fuvahmulah City Hotel to One and Half Degree Maldives on the October 2006. Under the contractual agreement the hotel is required to be completed within 18 months. Tourism ministry later fined One and Half Degree Maldives by US $ 2,500 for failing to live to up to its contractual agreements.

Despite the expiry of the construction period as stated in the contract, One and Half Degree Maldives has not commenced the construction and the matter is now under investigation by the ministry. However even though the construction period has lapsed, the company is still paying the lease rent to the government, tourism ministry has said.

According to tourism ministry the city hotel is expected to increase the job opportunity and incomes for the Fuvahmulah islanders.


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