MTDC thanks Dr. Shaugy

Wednesday, 23 July 2008 20:08

Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has thanked former tourism minister Dr. Mahmoud Shaugy for the valuable services he rendered to the company.

In a statement issued last Wednesday the company expressed that Dr. Shaugy played a key role in the formation of the company and that Dr. Shaugy was the main reason behind it’s current success.

The statement said that ever since the company was formed on 9 April 2006 Dr. Shaugy has made valuable contributions to the company, both as the tourism minister and on his own. “MTDC is very grateful for his valuable contributions and wishes to thank him very sincerely for his services and immense support” the statement said.

The statement noted that the company formed with the objective of providing the benefits of tourism to the public as possible after overcoming many obstacles in its initial stages is now a success which has achieved the full confidence of its shareholders.

“MTDC will always value the support and valuable advice given by Dr. Shaugy” the statement noted.

Maldives Association of Tourism Industries (MATI) last week issued a statement expressing regrets at the resignation of Dr. Shaugy. MATI in a statement issued expressed regrets and said Dr. Shaugy during his term in office revolutionized Maldives Tourism. Dr. Shaugy resigned from the government on the 2 nd of this month. President Gayoom since then has accepted his resignation and has appointed Dr. Shaugy’s deputy Dr. Abdulla Mausoom as the Minister for Tourism.


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