People will not accept unfounded allegations – Dr. Shaugy

Tuesday, 8 July 2008 13:33

Tourism Minister Dr. Mahmoud Shaugy has said that despite attempts to spoil his good name and reputation by spreading unfounded rumors, Maldivian people will no longer accept such stories as they are farsighted people with the capacity to find out the truth. Dr. Shaugy made the statement in an exclusive interview given to Miadhu Daily yesterday night.

When asked whether he accepted that some people were trying to tarnish his good name and reputation by spreading malicious stories against him or whether he is aware that some people are spreading malicious rumors against him, he replied that considering the way things has happened and the way things are going on, it is quite possible. But he insisted that Maldivian people will never accept such baseless and unfounded stories.

“The way things has happened, it is quite possible some people did attempt to destroy my reputation and discredit me in the public eye, The way things has happened I am forced to accept it , even though I don’t want to believe it is so, but I am sure despite their attempts Maldivian people will not accept such stories any more, people are more aware now, they will find out the truth” Dr.Shaugy.
Speaking further Dr. Shaugy said he cannot comment on the motives and reasons why some people are spreading rumors against him. He said this was not the appropriate time to speak out but when the right time comes he will not remain silent.

“My resolve will not be affected despite these malicious stories and allegations, and I will not be affected by these rumors either, people will seek out the truth, the damage will not be on me, but on them, time will come when the truth will be revealed” Tourism Minister Dr. Shaugy said.

Dr. Shaygy has not confirmed nor denied the stories carried on media regarding his resignation. When Minivan News contacted Mundhu, presidential spokesperson to get confirmation of the story, he revealed that the government was probing in to serious allegations against Dr. Shaugy. However a later press statement from the President’s Office denied the comments. Dr. Shaugy in an interview given to Miadhu Daily said even if the comments did come from Mundhu, they were not true.


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