Shaugy denies allegations

Sunday, 6 July 2008 14:30

Tourism Minister Dr. Mahmoud Shaugy has denied the allegations made against him in Minivan News. Dr. Shaugy said if the statements that the government had been probing in to ‘serious allegations’ against him for ‘a couple of days’ as reported in Minivan news, in fact came from presidential spokesperson Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu) then it is an out right lie. Dr.Shaugy made the denial to Miadhu Daily when asked to comment on the rejection of a president’s office statement by Minivan News in which Mundhu officially denied making the statements.

In an exclusive interview given to Miadhu Daily Dr. Shaugy said that it was very difficult to comment on the matter.

“On one side, we have a person whose words, due to the position he holds, I trust and respect. He is the president’s spokesperson. On other side, we have a reporter, who I find very difficult to believe will write out right lies, a responsible journalist. It is very difficult for me to determine who is telling the truth. However if this is what Mundhu has said, it is all lies” Dr. Shaugy said.

President’s office on the 4 th of this month issued statement dismissing the allegations made against Dr. Shaugy in the Minivan News as untrue. The statement said that Mundhu’s comments were used out of context and proportion with the intent on triggering potentially damaging controversies and that the comments were interpreted in a manner that was damaging to the integrity and sincerity of Dr. Shaugy.

The President’s Office talked about two misrepresented comments and erroneous inferences referred to Mundhu. The first comment, in response to queries about rumors that Dr. Shaugy had tendered his resignation from the cabinet was that the president’s office would “neither confirm nor deny” these rumors. The statement noted that it was not within the mandate of Mundhu to address such queries as they did not involve the president directly. The second comment was in response to malicious allegations against the minister, which was denied. The statement noted that such allegations must be supported with enough evidence if they were to stand up to scrutiny and that ministers were accountable to the people.

In response to president’s office statement, Minivan News assured that Mundhu, in an interview given to Judith Evans Editor of Minivan News, said that the government had been looking in to some serious allegations against Dr. Shaugy for quite some time. Minivan News further wrote that the matter of serious allegations were brought by Mundhu on his own and was not brought by Judith Evans.

Speaking to Miadhu Daily last night Dr. Shaugy said that comments of Mundhu as reported in Minivan news, was not sensible and that such comments regarding a government minister, trusted by the president is not befitting a presidential spokesperson.

“It is not some something a wise person in such a responsible position will say, so I would like to believe that Mundhu never said that, I am sure , president would not have given any indication to spread such lies” said Dr. Shaugy.

Dr. Sahugy last night did not comment on the rumors regarding his resignations. He declined to comment on the subject.


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