Wings to Take Measures in Bad Weather

Monday, 28 July 2008 12:27

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil aviation is to implement a regulation that would enhance safety and security measures of operating seaplanes in the country as tourism taking the flight to the highest level.

The Ministry says the regulations are to strengthen the safety of flying seaplanes and its landings and take offs during bad weather. They said the new regulations are expected to take effect in the high season of tourist arrival to the country.

Mahmood Raazee, the executive director of the ministry said that he is expecting to complete the draft by October and implement the regulations from November 1st this year.

The forth coming new rules that will apply to all air taxiing companies with sea planes the ministry said it has discussed with all concerned parties and this new regulations comes in the wake of a recent accident of a small seaplane that left its floats ripped making the first seaplane accident in the Maldives.

The accident occurred after the sea plane with 17 on board including 3 crew members landed and collided with a speed boat waiting to collect the arrivals not far from the planes taxiing length to floating platform. The incident believed to be occurred due to bad weather and rough seas. The collision caused severe damage to the aircraft.

The 14th July incident according to investigators happened was a pilot error that he was unable to decide the right position to land as the landing site was rough with little high waves.


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