Kelaa & Gadhoo resort bids to be opened on 3 Sep 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008 14:02

Tourism Ministry has revealed that bid opening ceremony of Ha. Kelaa Resort and Gadhoo Resort of Laamu atoll will be held at MooKai Hotel at 1300 hours on the 3rd of September 2008.

Tourism ministry tendered the resorts under the government policy of developing resorts in some large inhabited islands. According to the ministry a 200 bed resort is to be constructed by reclaiming the islands natural lagoons.

According to the ministry although the bid pr

oposals for resorts are currently accepted at the ministry’s reception, arrangements will be in place to accept the bid proposals directly at the conference hall of MooKai Hotel on the day scheduled for bid opening. In this regard, arrangements will be in place to accept the bids from 1000 hours on the 3 rd of September from MooKai Hotel. Ministry said the deadline to accept the bid proposals will lapse at 1300 hours on the same day.


Tourism ministry informed that local parties will be able to purchase bid documents for MRF2000 while the documents will be sold to interested foreign parties at the price of USD300. According to the ministry, participation in the bid requires a USD100,000 bank guarantee.

Registration of participants taking part in bid opening ceremony will continue from 1000 hours on the 3 of September at MooKai Hotel. Ministry said all participants wishing to take part in the bid opening ceremony must complete registration formalities before 1245 and must be seated in the ceremony hall before 1300 hours. Ministry said each bidder can register only 2 members.

So far, the government has put up 4 islands for tender under the government project to construct resorts in inhabited islands. The other 2 islands are Kaafu atoll Kaashidhoo and Ali Alif Thoddoo.


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