Resorts warning staff of disciplinary action should they participate in the 5th October strike

Saturday, 27 September 2008 14:40

The planned tourist resort strike due to begin on 5th October and is creating a lot of hype locally and internationally. Global Travel Industry News (eTN) have already published travel advisory alert.

Locally, several resort managements are warning their staff of the consequences, as seen in the internal memo to the staff of Four Seasons Resorts sent out this week (copy below).

The memo said that although it respects the rights of the staff to participate in the protest off property and on their own time. It also bans staff from distributing leaflets and petitions on the property. Most Maldivian resorts are setup in a single island; hence this will forbid staff from doing any such work in any part of the island. So, it is difficult to see how they can adhere to this demand from the management.

On the final note, the management is clear in their intent to take disciplinary action against those who participate in the protest or in its organisation.

More than 20,000 resort staff are expected to take part in the 3 day strike demanding equal treatment under the new employment laws.

Despite stark threats and consequences from the resort managements and the authorities, the staff are getting ready for the first ever industrial strike in the country.


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