Airport Reps endorse opposition Alliance

Thursday, 23 October 2008 07:38

Many of the Airports Reps engaged in taking care of tourists arriving and departing Male’ International Airport are to support the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) led opposition Alliance, according to long serving Reps.

At a press briefing held at Villa TV (VTV), two founder members of the Airport Reps Association and Board member of the Association along with MDP Interim President Ibrahim Hussain Zaki said that majority of the 300 or so Reps working at the airport have endorsed MDP Alliance. They said the Reps decision to support the opposition Alliance was motivated by the fact the government authorities have given them a deaf year to solve their problems. He said they have several meetings with concerned authorities requesting better facilities to serve the guests but to no avail. As such the Reps support to the opposition Alliance is a support for change.

Founder member of the Airport Reps Association Mohamed Nazim said Airports Reps closely monitor the developments of the country. He said he is keen express lack of development in their area of work and work done by the association to improve the facilities.

“We have on several occasions expressed our difficulties, even on individual basis, to concerned authorities” said Nazim stating that even though yesterday he was not representing the Airport Reps Association he was representing a large number of people supporting MDP led opposition led Alliance.

Nazim said tourists after exiting the arrival terminal have no proper place to either sit down or rest or even to shelter from rains during rainy season. He said there were many other difficulties they face and that despite repeated meetings with Airport Authorities or Tourism Ministry no action has been taken.

Founder member of Airports Reps Association Fathulla Faiz expressed that even the most basic services are not available to the guests. He said despite the difficulties they have always strived to provide quality service to the guests.

Mohamed Rasheed who has been working at the airport for over 28 years said considering the development of the Maldives tourism industry the services available to the tourists at Male’ International Airport has not improved at all.

He said while a number of additional islands are being opened up tourism, the services at the airport should also be improved. He said so far all their pleas have fell on deaf years.

He further noted that out of the three X ray machines at the departure terminal usually only will be in a serviceable condition forcing the passengers to stay in queues for long periods of time. He also said lack of ferry terminal at Male’ is also causing major difficulties.


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