Alila Hotels and Resorts to Become Carbon Neutral

Monday, 20 October 2008 07:47

Alila Hotels and Resorts is pleased to announce its commitment to go carbon neutral, first through its head office and then throughout all of its properties in Asia. Working with The GreenAsia Group, a specialist in carbon management in Asia, Alila will first achieve carbon neutrality for its head office in Singapore by December 2008.

The entire process involves the measurement, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gases emissions resulting from not only the business activities of Alila’s head office, but also from both the professional and personal engagements of its management team. A carbon footprint assessment is presently being conducted. With guidance from The GreenAsia Group, Alila is methodically measuring its total greenhouse gases emissions in Singapore and will implement energy efficiency practices accordingly to reduce and avoid carbon emissions to the greatest extent possible. The remaining unavoidable emissions will be offset by purchasing carbon credit certificates from green projects based in Asia.

Further affirming its commitment, Alila intends to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its seven existing hotels and resorts in Asia and to create programs for its guests to enjoy carbon neutral holidays in the long run.

“Alila’s decision to go carbon neutral is in line with its long-held vision and corporate philosophy that commerce, conservation and the community can be integrated. Becoming carbon neutral complements Alila’s strong efforts towards respecting and preserving the environment. We are continuously striving to make our approach more comprehensive,” said Frederic Simon, Managing Director and COO of Alila Hotels and Resorts. “In particular, carbon neutrality for our head office means taking a further step to ensure that our management team, including myself, is environmentally friendly and commits to reducing our personal greenhouse gases emissions. We hope to eventually operate at the best standards of environmental and sustainable development in combination with good business economics.”

The GreenAsia Group, established in 2007, is one of the first in Asia to offer carbon reduction and carbon offsets solutions, which meet highest international standards, to business corporations choosing to reduce their impact on climate change through voluntary action.

“Carbon emissions, which contribute to climate change, is one of the world’s key environmental concerns. The GreenAsia Group is committed to conserving the environment, especially in Asia, through sharing our knowledge in this field. We are very happy to work with Alila Hotels and Resorts who is passionate and strongly committed to the environment,” said Bradley Gardner, founder of The GreenAsia Group and a resident of Asia since 1974.

Alila Hotels and Resorts currently manages seven hotels and resorts in Bali, Jakarta, Laos, Thailand and the Philippines. Known as a niche innovator of exclusive hotels and resorts, many of its properties are also well-known for their contributions to environmentally sustainable tourism. Alila Villas Hadahaa in the Maldives, which is slated to open in 2009, achieved the prestigious Green Globe ‘Building, Planning and Design’ Certified Status in August 2008. Both Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis in Bali achieved the Green Globe ‘Operational’ Certified Status in May 2007 and were conferred the inaugural Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards in November 2006 for their efforts and support towards responsible tourism in Asia.

About Alila Hotels and Resorts

Alila Hotels and Resorts offers a stylish, relaxing environment with a new level of guest experience which is continuously redefined by the latest developments in design and living. Alila Hotels and Resorts fashions uniquely different lifestyle concepts in creating luxurious destination experiences for its guests. The Alila Experiences are centered on building unique emotional “moments of truth” between the guest, the hotel and the destination. More information about its current hotels and resorts in Bali, Jakarta, Thailand, Laos and the Philippines can be found at

Currently, Alila is embarking on its next generation of high end designer luxury resorts in Bali, China, India, Indochina, Maldives, Oman and the Gulf region, Thailand and Vietnam.

About The GreenAsia Group

The GreenAsia Group is the first voluntary carbon management solution-provider based in Asia. Established in Singapore in 2007, The GreenAsia Group works with businesses, organisations and projects to assist them to become carbon neutral. The process begins with carbon footprint assessment conducted in conjunction with internationally-respected technical and specialist partners such as Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Management (ECCM). The assessment identifies the actions required to reduce carbon emissions and achieve greater energy efficiency. Remaining emissions are offset through verifiable energy reduction certificates linked to projects that improve the quality of life for the less privileged communities in Asia. This, along with a focus on the importance of corporate social responsibility and providing a platform for any company wishing to implement a CSR policy, forms the basis of The GreenAsia Group’s vision and mission. For more information, please visit

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