Bids opening ceremony for 3 islands held

Thursday, 16 October 2008 14:22

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation has opened the bid proposals submitted for three islands for the development of tourist resorts. According to the ministry the bid proposals submitted for Huvani of Noonu atoll, Mendhoo of Baa atoll and Lossa of Ga atoll were opened at a ceremony held yesterday at Moo Kai Hotel.

Tourism ministry revealed that when the islands were put up for tender on 7 September 2008 under the government policy of expanding tourism to areas near inhabited islands in the atolls, some 55 parties bought the bid documents. However the ministry said as of yesterday only 37 parties’ submitted proposals. In this regard, 17 parties’ submitted proposals for Huvani of Noonu atoll, 16 parties’ submitted proposals for Mendhoo of Baa atoll and four parties for Lossa of Ga atoll.

At the ceremony held at Moo Kai Hotel, rent proposed by bidders for 10 year period was displayed. Further the ministry said all proposals have been handed over to a select committee for evaluation. Among the areas considered in the bid evaluation process is proposed rent, health insurance schemes proposed for staff and strategies and planning to employ and sustain local staffs.


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