Emirates to terminate Male’ Colombo operations

Monday, 27 October 2008 11:10

Emirates Airlines is to stop its operations to Colombo from Male’ due to changes in the company policies.

The airline currently operates 5 flights per week between Colombo and Male’ but as of 1 December but the airline will suspend all its operations between Male’ and Colombo.

Emirates and Sri Lankan under a code sharing arrangement operated flights in the Male’/ Colombo / Male’ sector till April this year, however due disagreements between the airlines the flights have been suspended. Further all other services provided jointly by the two airlines were also suspended.

Emirates Airlines is a world renowned airline. It is a popular airline used by many local businessmen, Maldivian travelling public as well as by tourists visiting the country. However the airline informed that even though Male’ Colombo operations are discontinued operations between Male’ and Dubai will continue. Visas to Dubai, at a cost of US $75 per person, are arranged by Emirates for those who purchase Emirates tickets to Dhubai.


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