LIGNE ST BARTH brings Caribbean flair to the Maldives

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 13:50

The newly-opened Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort in the Noonu Atoll offers deluxe wellness and, starting November 2008, the Maldives Island resort will also offer Caribbean flair, thanks to LIGNE ST BARTH

Palm trees adorn the white beaches, swaying to the rhythmic sounds of the Indian Ocean. In a fairytale-like location, in the middle of the Noonu Atoll, it suddenly appears: the newly-opened Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort - an oasis, far from civilisation and the daily grind. A better place than this to plunge into the world of total relaxation has yet to be discovered!

Only 91 nautical miles from Malé International Airport is an endless stretch of unspoilt nature: even the very first impressions of this dreamy island stir feelings of repose and calmness. Tradition combined with luxury, pure relaxation and an unusual holiday concept is what the Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort is all about: an ideal place to pull back and perfectly suited to those freshly fallen in love, newlyweds, families and stressed business-people.

The spa’s unique “Sleep Concept”, for example, has been conceived to help adults and children relax, fall asleep and slumber restfully. With exceptional treatments, teas, breathing techniques, special pillows and music, stressed adults and children are enticed to participate in the program “Sweet Dreams” as a way to find deep and relaxing sleep.

The jewel and pride of the resort is, without a doubt, the spa area. On an area of ca. 1,200 square metres that is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, guests can indulge in their personal inner kingdom. The spa’s philosophy is based on the Sun as a central element: the wellness regimen is intended to unfold its warming, youth-enhancing effects, encouraged through relaxing treatments that harmonize body, spirit and soul.

A total of 20 pavilions have been designed for the respective forms of treatment, which are based on traditional and holistic methods: the teachings of the Five Elements, traditional Ayurveda, and yoga and meditation.

Additional offerings, like a beauty and hair salon, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi, tempt guests to fully enjoy their rest and relaxation. And pure wellness is transformed into an even more wonderful experience when the exclusive Caribbean treatments and products by Ligne St Barth come into play, allowing guests to indulge in a sensual Caribbean atmosphere, filled with exotic fragrances.
Why the luxurious elixirs from LIGNE ST BARTH are so special:

They all contain top-quality active substances extracted from exotic plants, blossoms and fruits, which are individually combined with fresh ingredients to meet the respective needs of every skin type. Ligne St Barth cold-presses all of their plant-based oils, using a very mild process.

The exclusive LIGNE ST BARTH spa treatments gently support natural skin regeneration, nurture intensively and provide yet another bit of tender loving care for the soul. Fresh ingredients, like, for example, fresh and exotic papaya-, pineapple- and cucumber-puree are mixed together with the exquisite LIGNE ST BARTH elixirs with great care while the guest watches.

The guest is also given the opportunity to select his or her favourite fragrance! The fresh ingredients and fragrances plus the pure, premium oils have a very pleasant and nurturing effect on the body, spirit and soul.

The SunSpa at Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort is the first of the three Sun Spas in the Maldives that will offer the Caribbean LIGNE ST BARTH treatments as of November 2008. A gradual expansion of the cooperative venture to include all three resorts is already being planned.
LIGNE ST BARTH is located on the island of Saint Barthélemy, in the French Antilles in the Caribbean, and produces exclusive high-quality care products based on plants.

They produce exclusive creams, gels, oils and lotions with an exotic touch for the daily care of every type of skin. LIGNE ST BARTH is privately owned by the Brin family, the founders of the company. LIGNE ST BARTH and St. Barth are registered and protected trade marks. The logos and the domain name: are also protected. All other trade marks or product names are property of the respective proprietors.

‘Sun Spa Resorts Pvt. Ltd.’ is a spa management company incorporated in the Maldives. It was founded and established in 2004 by Mr Ahmed Siyam Mohamed. The company’s primary aim is to develop, manage and operate full spa and wellness facilities.

The company’s first Sun Spa was opened in December 2005 at Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort, followed by the second spa at Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort in February 2006. The third Sun Spa has opened its doors this summer 2008 at the new 5-star island resort Irufushi Beach & Spa Resort in unspoilt Noonu Atoll in the Maldives.

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