Readers to 'Simplifly' with Deccan Airlines

Saturday, 18 October 2008 19:56

An all exclusive two night stay at a beautiful hotel in Maldives awaits the lucky readers of the draw courtesy of Wijeya Newspapers and Deccan Aviation Lanka.

Hosted for the second consecutive year, the winners are in for a special treat this time. Escalating the offer of last year of flying in a private jet from Colombo to Galle, the winners of today will be flying to Maldives and back in a special coach prepared just for them. Promising something beyond a first class plane tour, Mario Stubbs from Deccan Airlines stated that the winners would get VIP treatment with personal escorts taking them from the aircraft to the destination without the delays at emigrations and the customs. The customers will journey to the resort in a speed boat from the airport.

Deccan Aviation Lanka established four years ago with the vision to make every Sri Lankan fly at unbelievable prices offering low airfares, cheap air tickets; connects all cities and countries within close range to Sri Lanka. Therefore it doesn't only cater to the elite but the general mass as a whole. They also provide a fast track service to the clients with personal escorts.

Adding further, the Director of Deccan Aviation Lanka, Denham Schokman said "we specialize in chartering airlines offering the country's only helicopter service." A joint venture with Air Deccan- Kingfisher group, the largest airline services in India; their service include transferring cooperate clients to and from factories and facilities, transferring cargo within the country, leisure charters and international charters, honeymoon flights, aerial advertising and more. He also added that their bottom line plan is to create awareness of this service and its affordable prices to the domestic and the foreign market. Thus boosting the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. The purpose of such a promotion as pointed out by the director of the Airlines is to endorse the idea of life style drives for the locals, especially.

Deccan offers the winners a state of the art Raytheon Beecraft model 1900C. A 17 seater VIP passenger or cargo configure exclusively built in the United States, this business aircraft is said to have the ability to take off and land from virtually all airstrips in Sri Lanka.



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