TEAM’s decision to reconsider strike due DRP - Shareef

Wednesday, 1 October 2008 22:40

Tourism Employment Association of Maldives decision to reconsider the strike planned for October 5 is due to the hard work of Dhivehi Rahyithunge Party (DRP), DRP parliamentary group member MP Ibrahim Shareef has said.

He made the statement at a media breifing held at Maumoon 2008 campaign media office yesterday. Shareef who is also the chairperson of the Majlis ad hoc committee on reviewing the Employment Act said that it was the opposition who had convinced the resort employees and tourism related employees that the Employment Act does not fully protect them and that it was done mainly for political purposes.

Shareef said opposition parties have encouraged tourism workers to strike and that such encouragement has adversely affected the industry. He also said the opposition has brought the planned strike to the attention of world media.

Shareef said in order to solve the problem amicably discussions were held with Majlis committee on National Development and Maldives Association for Tourism Industry (MATI) and other stake holders of the tourism industry. He said following the discussions TEAM has been assured that matter will be sent to Majlis floor before October 6 and every right enjoyed by other workers will be facilitated to the tourism workers.
Shareef further said following DRP assurances, TEAM has decided to trust the party completely and has agreed not to hold the strike. He said DRP was working to facilitate better wages by working reasonable hours. He said the amendment to the Employment Act will be endorsed by DRP and passed by the Majlis as proposed by the Majlis committee.

This is not a political issue but a problem of national interests and that it is not the intention of DRP to deprive the rights of any group. He said the matter will be solved as expeditiously as possible.

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