Young artist travels for his artwork

Wednesday, 29 October 2008 20:05

WALKERS along the banks of the River Dulnain and in the surrounding hills may have stumbled across a local artist putting the finishing touches to his latest painting for an exhibition of his work at one of the country's leading galleries next month.

Since graduating from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen last year, Nick Law from Carrbridge, has been funded to travel as far as South-east Asia and the Indian Ocean to develop his art.

A series of paintings completed in the Maldives will form the basis of the 24-year-old's solo exhibition at the Leith Gallery in Edinburgh, his biggest yet. These will be complemented by several painted of more familiar landscapes around his family home in Carrbridge.

While in the Maldives, Mr Law became the first artist in residence at the national gallery of the group of islands in the Indian Ocean and taught fine art to the local community.

Before this he exhibited in Edinburgh and was one of the artists picked to star in The Gaelic Connection, an exhibition of artists from the Highlands and Islands at the Rendezvous Gallery in Aberdeen.

Last year, he also won a scholarship from the Royal Scottish Academy to spend three months painting in Florence, Tuscany and Sicily before this experience attracted the attention of the National Gallery of the Maldives.

"In the past there has been a lot of painting there for the tourist trade," Mr Law said. "There were also a lot of foreign painters who went there to try to find a separation from their current lifestyle and subjects.

"I was asked to teach fine art while I was there. Travel has always been quite a big part of my work process."

However, the former Grantown Grammar pupil's international lifestyle has not reduced his love of the landscape of home.

Over the past few weeks he has packed his easel, brushes and paints into a backpack to paint "en plein air" – outdoors to you and me – around Carrbridge and the River Dulnain.

"I am just finishing off some of the work from the Maldives at the moment before I deliver them to the gallery on Sunday," he said. "Now I am back in the country I am staying at my dad's house and painting around the Dulnain.

"I have managed to sell quite a few paintings but it is difficult to make a living painting over here. In a while I'm going to go back to Indonesia because life is cheaper over there."

One thing about home he will not forget, however, is the art teacher who inspired him to follow his dream of becoming an artist.

"I had a great last year at Grantown Grammar with my art teacher Campbell Bryson," he said. "He was very inspiring. A few in my year and the year above went on to study art at university."


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