Ex employees caught up in protests on the Reethi rah resort

Sunday, 30 November 2008 21:15

As reported by Maldives Police Service.
A number of employees of the Reethi rah resort have had their employment terminated today. Upon receipt of this news some of these former employees refused to leave the island and, upon request from the resort management to the Ministry of Home Affairs, a team of police officers were dispatched to the resort.The police team was sent to the Reethi rah resort in an attempt to negotiate with those former employees and the others on site who were protesting about the incident.

The negotiation began peacefully, with both sides attempting to solve the problem, but events turned rougher as those protesting became violent.

Police repeatedly requested that the former employees leave the resort in a peaceful manner, but those protesting refused to let the former employees leave.

Police officers tried use minimum force to separate the former employees from the crowd of protesters, but were met with violence.

In an effort to control the crowd, police officers arrested many people, but as soon as the situation was under control, those arrested were released to their homes.

The police were forced to handcuff some of the people in order to control the situation which caused some very minor injuries, but none of a serious nature.

Officers of the Maldives Police Service are still endeavoring to resolve this issue as peacefully as is possible.


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