Finance ministry to tender development of Male’ Int’l Airport

Sunday, 23 November 2008 12:06

The Maldivian government has taken the initiative to invite experienced international airport operators with demonstrated financial capacities to negotiate a viable and mutually beneficial joint venture to manage, develop and promote Male’ International Airport, according to President’s Office. The Ministry of Finance and Treasury will issue a notice very soon for the interested operators.

The Intention to select an appropriate partner, who will take up equity in Maldives Airports Company Ltd, is to inject the necessary financial and managerial input necessary for the airport to meet and sustain international standards in safety, security and which will ensure proper and timely development of the airport to meet the demands of the national economy.

The government of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was the subject of severe criticism from tourism industry stakeholders as well as the public, including airport staff for failing to develop a modern airport which reflected the country’s booming tourism industry.

Mohamed Jameel, Civil Aviation and Communications Minister of President Mohamed Nasheed, in a recent interview given to Miadhu Daily has stated that developing the Male’ International Airport will be one of his prime tasks.

“Maldives is well known and a popular destination for a large number of tourists, including celebrities and the very rich; the international airport of such a country visited by the world’s richest people is in a deplorable condition, Male’ International Airport is the mirror of the Maldives through which the world sees us. So this government gives huge importance to transform the airport to a modern airport with all the modern conveniences” Jameel who recently conferred a PHD and who served as Justice Minister in the previous government and later resigned over disagreements with government policy has said.

He said the project to transform Male’ International Airport will be one of the most important projects to be undertaken by the ministry. He further expressed under the project, priority will be given to human resource development and that a special budget will be established to satisfy the requirement.

Jameel also said improving airport security and hospitality will be of prime concern. Celebrities and people of that rank should be given a warm welcome and that services and hospitality provided to such guests must be greatly improved, minister expressed.


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