Only 1 bid proposal submitted for Nolhivarumfaru Resort development

Monday, 3 November 2008 23:34

Tourism Ministry has revealed that in the tender opened for the development of a 200 bed tourist resort hotel and tourism training institute in the island of Nolivarumfaru in Hdh atoll only one party has submitted bid proposal.

Speaking at the bid opening ceremony held yesterday at Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Director Yazeed Mohamed said when the bidding for the development of resort hotel and training institute opened on 29 th September lapsed yesterday only three parties purchased bid documents and one party has submitted bid proposals.

According to ministry of tourism, the party which submitted bid proposal for development of 200 bed resort hotel and training institute is Aisath Shaugy of Ma Light Corner. Ministry revealed that she has proposed a lease rent of US $ 2010 annually for 10 year period.

Tourism ministry further revealed that bid evaluation will commence soon and that the bid will be evaluated by an expert committee set up from various government departments. Further points are to be awarded in to separate groups; 50 points for the lease rent and 50 point for the training institute proposal.

Ahmed Shareef of Nooreege / S.Hulhudhoo who previously won the bid for the resort and training institute development is suing the tourism ministry for cancelling his proposal. According to Shareef is bid proposal was disqualified by the ministry in violation of all relevant procedures.

According to information the first hearing of the case was held yesterday at Civil Court.


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