Home minister Gasim Ibrahim resigns because of Reethi rah strike case

Wednesday, 3 December 2008 18:43

Home Minister Gasim Ibrahim has resigned following an admission to the press on Tuesday that he had ordered police to go to One and Only Resort to remove 13 dismissed staff.
Employees, who were striking over labour rights, have alleged the use of electric batons and irritant spray from up to 50 police who arrived on the island in full riot gear on Sunday morning. The act has been condemned by the Human Rights Commission.
Gasim said he felt constitutionally “obliged” to send police because he had been informed that the workers were “a danger to guests, employees and buildings". He added that he was grateful to police for carrying out their duty.
Police commissioner Ahmed Faseeh, Gasim admitted, was reluctant to take police action.
Gasim added that he was not responsible for ordering either the number of police or specifying that riot gear should be worn.
Speaking to Minivan News on Tuesday, state minister Ahmed Mujthaba admitted that investigating the matter further might make it “difficult to continue as a coalition”.
As Gasim is a member of the Republican Party rather than President Mohamed Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party, the future of the coalition could be jeopardised.
Gasim ran for presidency in the first round of elections but later supported Nasheed in return for a cabinet position.
His Republican Party was created earlier this year after he quit his post as Finance Minister under the former president Maumoon Gayoom.

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