Human Rights statement one sided: Gasim

Wednesday, 3 December 2008 08:04

Miadhu Daily

Home Minister Gasim Ibrahim has said the decision to send police to One and Only Reethi Rah resort was not in violation of the right to strike, but in response to the concerns and requests which were received from the owners of the resort regarding the safety of property and other belongings of the resort. Gasim has also denied the accusations made by Human Rights Commission condemning the actions of the police in the resort and said Human Rights statement has not looked into the two sides of the incident.

" I have performed my legal duty. When a certain people have requested for help from the police for safety, I have to take action. Police was not sent there to break a strike which is a right given by the constitution. Police was sent because the owners of the resort made repeated requests for police to come for their help in fear that the strike held by some staff of the resort whose services have been terminated, might cause damage to the staff and property." Gasim explained the reason for sending police to the resort.

Home Minister further said it is difficult to accept the statement of the Human Rights Commission. The Ministe blamed the Commission for issuing a one-sided statement. He accused the Commission has not looked into the depth of the incident. The Minister stated it was not correct and responsible for such a Commission to make their judgement and issue a statement only after hearing the stories of strikers. Human Rights Commission officials were not there at the time of the happening, Gasim pointed out.


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