MATI initiates discussions on Labor Law of Maldives

Friday, 5 December 2008 20:07

Miadhu Daily

Maldives Association for Tourism Industry (MATI) has organized a meeting at the conference hall of SHE building to discuss issues and difficulties faced in complying with Maldives Labor Law.

The meeting attended by many members of the association was led by MATI Chairman Mohamed Umar Manik, Hussain Hilmy,Sim Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Ibrahim Noordeen.

Introducing the meeting, Sim Ibrahim Mohamed noted that there were many difficulties and issues that need to be resolved to fully comply with the newly enacted labor law.

Speaking at the meeting MATI Chairman Mohamed Umar Manik expressed that during the drafting stage of the labor bill and its subsequent enactment and introduction no consideration was given to the impacts the law will have on the industry investors and the difficulties they may face. He said the labor law was drafted with government employees in mind then people working at resorts and industrial sites.

Hussain Hilmy expressed that as the law was passed rather suddenly with objective of furthering certain political objectives of the previous government, it lacks important elements that need to be included in such a law. He noted strikes are not staged at work sites in any part of the world and that people organizing strikes in future should take this fact in to consideration.

Some members expressed that under the present labor employees are entitled to 194 days of leave and that labor can be interpreted by the employees to demand a day off every three days. Members also talked about having a common standard on working hours, off days and leave granted to launch drivers and workers on safari boats. Members also discussed ways of introducing different standards for working in different industrial sectors.


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