19 parties interested in Male' International Airport

Thursday, 22 January 2009 10:06


Ministry of Finance and Treasury has revealed that 19 parties have expressed interest following the announcement of tender for the development of Male' International Airport under a joint-venture. A press release by the Finance Ministry states that companies from Europe, Asia and Africa expressed interest when the invitation to tender for announced for the second time.

The invitation to tender was announced for a second time, after a request from Anti-Corruption Commission to cancel the first invitation as it was carried out in a way which might lead to corruption. The Commission said that that airport had not been valued at the time when the Finance Ministry invited for bidders to the joint-venture development of Male' International Airport. The Anto-Corruption Commission also highlighted that although it was an international tender, the invitation to bid was only published in 3 local newspapers and not publicized in foreign countries.


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