Hulhudhoo Islanders Protest Against Yacht Tours

Sunday, 18 January 2009 10:16


A large group of Hulhudhoo islanders have said they will protest against Yacht Tours everyday from 4 to 6.30pm until there is a change of management at Handhufushi (Herethere) Resort.

Islanders have been protesting on one side of a channel which separates Hulhudhoo from the resort since Friday, using megaphones and loud speakers to convey their anger.

Ahmed Asleem, a member of the Hulhudhoo island development committee and one of the organisers of the demonstration, said several hundred islanders were protesting “for the rights of workers, the rights of business people in Addu and the rights of tourists”.

But Abdullah Jabir, the chairman of Yacht Tours, which currently manages Handhufushi Resort, has said those protesting are ex-employees of the resort who were dismissed for drug abuse.

The resort has recently been in the media spotlight after Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) said it would terminate Yacht Tours’ contract for the resort in three days for non-payment of rent.


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