Will Maldives be among the 7 Wonders of Nature?

Sunday, 11 January 2009 14:03


The New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign launched on 07.07.07 in Libson, Portugal, has entered its 2nd phase now. 261 qualified national and multinational nominees are now competing to make it to the top 77 and Maldives is amongst the nominees. Other entries from Asia include Mount Everest, Ganga river, Baikal Lake and the Dead Sea.

New7Wonders Foundation, to choose the New7Wonders of Nature, got off to a promising start:

Some 430 nominations from 224 different countries were submitted by some half a million people within the first few months of the campaign. 'We know that the New7Wonders of Nature campaign will significantly raise awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature around us,' says the New7Wonders Foundation. 'As our slogan says, 'If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it!' This is something that is very important - more awareness and more tourism income mean these natural treasures can be better preserved for future generations,' it says.

A 'wonder of nature' must be 'a clearly defined natural site or natural monument that was not created or significantly altered by humans for aesthetic reasons. Physical or natural phenomena like the northern lights, the Gulf stream or shooting stars are not eligible', the foundation said. It can be a natural site, a natural monument or landscape.

Since Jan 1., 2009 the national qualification phase is over, and you can vote for your chosen seven from the list of 261 qualified nominees. You can only vote one time with one e-mail address during each phase: so if you cast your votes during the first phase, you can vote again.

Voting for nominees will continue through July 7, 2009. Then the New7Wonders of Nature Panel of Experts, under the leadership of Prof. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO, will review the top 77 nominees and choose the 21 finalists, to be announced on 21 July 2009. The 21 finalists will then be put to popular vote.

Voting will continue throughout 2010 and into 2011. During this time, the New7Wonders World Tour will visit each of the Finalists to allow them to present themselves to the voters across the globe.
The final declaration of the New7Wonders of Nature will be in 2011.

Please click here to vote for the Maldives. In addition, you also need to choose six others from the list of nominees.

To support Maldives nomination, get in touch with the Official Supporting Committee for the Maldives.

Mohamed Maleeh Jamal
Maldives Tourism Promotion Board
Male', Maldives
Mobile: +960 7781171
Telephone: +960 332 3228
Facsimile: +960 332 3229
Email: mtpb@visitmaldives.com
Website: http://www.visitmaldives.com


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