Nasandhura premises to be converted to parking space

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 08:07


President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government plans to demolish the hotel wing of Nasandhura Palace Hotel rather than tearing down the building entirely. The Trends restaurant area is to be left intact so as to make the place available for immediate use.

Speaking at a press conference held at the President’s Office, Nasheed said the government decided on the current course of action because he believed it was important to reconsider the fate of the hotel, for while Nasandhura is considered a liability by the government, there are parties that believe otherwise.

He also said the government will provide parking spaces in the area to boost domestic business, as the lack of adequate roads and parking facilities impede commerce.

The area is considered to be a dangerous location for large construction projects as the biggest cracks in the coral base of Malé were found close to the region. The area also suffers from congestion, due to the main traffic artery being made a one-way road and parking spaces are scarce. Parking problems in the area are expected to be remedied significantly upon completion of the project.

The Hulhumalé ferry-terminal region is one of the most congested areas in Malé and a large number of vehicles are impounded routinely by the traffic police in order to ensure a steady flow of traffic.

Even though such problems need to be addressed quickly, some economical minds believe it is not the right time to demolish Nasandhura.


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