Success of tourism in southern atolls linked to Gan Airport - Sawaad

Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:16


The success of tourism in Addu and Huvadhoo atolls directly depends on the successful completion of Addu atoll Gan International Airport as a full fledged international airport, Tourism Minister Dr. Ahmed Ali Sawaad has said.

Responding to Miadhu Daily’s question whether tourism in southern atolls of the Maldives can succeed given the present condition of Gan International Airport, minister Sawaad said when the tourism in Addu and Huvadhoo atolls expands, it is important to have Gan Airport as a hub which can provide all necessary services. He said the development of Gan Airport is vital to the development of tourism in the southern atolls. One of the best luxury resorts to be opened in Maldives, the Shangri-La Vilingili and Spar is expected to be opened sometime this year and so will many other resorts in Huvadhoo atoll but the success of the these resorts is linked to the full and complete development of Gan Airport.

“Tourism is expanding in Addu and Huvadhoo atolls, tourism in southern atolls is expected to widen and expand considerably in the near future, we need to upgrade the standards and services being provided in Gan Airport to cater for the projected expansions, failure to act on it may compromise the success of tourism in these parts, in order for tourism to succeed in southern atolls, the services and facilities at Gan airport need to be improved and upgraded, we are currently in the process of having discussions with concerned government authority on the matter, this is a project we must succeed in order to have a successful tourism in the south” minister said.

In addition, the minister revealed efforts are being to develop the region as a seaplane hub and that easy and convenient transport was necessary for development of tourism.


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