Bandos staff holds demonstrations calling for dismissal of company lawyer

Monday, 16 March 2009 13:21

Bandos Island resort workers have held mass demonstrations calling for the immediate dismissal of the company lawyer Zeshan Shihab.

Key organizer of the demonstrations Ali Rasheed told Miadhu Daily that the demonstrations sparked off following a meeting between the resort management and employees.

Ali Rasheed informed that despite submission of a petition signed by 303 staff calling for dismissal of company lawyer, Deputy Managing Director of the resort as well as daughter of owner of Bandos Island Mohamed Waheeduh Deen, Shezny Deen has rejected that call for dismissal of the company lawyer. Ali Rasheed also said Shezny Deen had also threatened to sack the employees who signed the petition. He also said pointed out that Shezny’s remarks conflicts with the Managing Director Deen’s assurances to consider the petition and to take necessary steps.

According to Ali Rasheed the demonstrations had brought some of the resort operations came to a stand still. He said demonstrators did not create any sort off disturbances but had held banners and posters expressing their feelings and sentiments. The demonstrations would continue until the management provides a reasonable answer, he said. Demonstrations commenced yesterday morning at 01100 hours and is held at staff recreation area. The petition calling for dismissal of the company lawyer was submiited on Saturday, Ali Rasheed told Miadhu Daily.

“Waheeduhdeen has told us he will keep a person, who is not wanted by staff to be their senior, over 300 staff has signed the petition expressing their dissatisfaction, now the management is threatening to give us notice, we are exercising our constitutional right to stop work, we love our Managing Director Deen and will always work for the continued development of Bandos Island Resort, now the management is threatening us for fear that this fact may be revealed” Ali Rasheed said.

Ali Rasheed also said Deen was expected return from Singapore last night and to meet the staff today. A group of police officers also arrived in Bandos last night to solve the dispute, however, the demonstrators wanted to continue demonstrations until management meets their demand, he said.

Miadhu Daily had received confirmation from police media official, that a 4 member police team had visited the island in an attempt to solve the dispute.


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