Cabinet decides to revise Maldives tourism regulations

Wednesday, 4 March 2009 08:14

The cabinet on Tuesday has decided to revise the regulations formulated under the Maldives Tourism Act. After their deliberation on the matter, the Cabinet decided to establish a committee to undertake the work of revising these regulations. The committee includes Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr Ibrahim Didi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad, Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Rasheed, and Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports Hassan Latheef. The Cabinet also decided to include a member from MATI in the committee.

Speaking at the Cabinet meeting, President Nasheed said that the objective of revising these regulations was to bring them more in line with the relevant laws. He also said that he wanted to make the regulations more industry friendly and more practicable.

At the meeting, the Cabinet also discussed the procedures on how to transfer certain work of Ministry of Home Affairs to the provinces under the decentralization process and decided on these procedures.


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