Maldives to be promoted as a destination for eco tourism

Tuesday, 24 March 2009 08:07

Work is underway to promote Maldives as a special destination for eco tourism lovers, Tourism Minister Dr. Ali Sawaadh has said.

Minister Sawaadh said special projects are underway to transform Maamakunudhoo region in to a special destination for eco tourism lovers. Sawaadh said Maamakunudhoo region is inhabited by huge whale shark population and has many suitable islands with sandy beaches and clear lagoons. He said the region was selected for development of eco tourism after careful study.

“Eco tourism is one fast developing sector of this industry, tourism which protects natural resources is fast developing in many countries” Ali Faiz who works in the tourism industry said.

According to Faiz, in countries where logging is carried out, introduction of eco tourism has helped to prevent increase in logging, preserved the jungles to for tourism and helped local communities. Ali Faiz said it is already late to introduce eco tourism in Maldives, and that it should have been done years ago.


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