Maldives tourist arrivals down by 13 percent in February

Monday, 23 March 2009 10:44

Tourist arrivals in Maldives showed a sharp decline this February when compared to the number of tourists who came to Maldives in February 2008.

According to statistics published by the Tourism Ministry 67,963 tourists arrived in Maldives during February 2008 compared to the 58,520 this year; a decline of 13.9 percent. February on average has the highest amount of tourist arrivals ever year. Statistics issued by the Ministry earlier showed that the January arrivals for this year had also declined by 4.8 percent when compared to last year. The total number of tourist arrivals for January and February this year amounts to 120,051.

Analysts had tentatively predicted that the tourist arrivals would show a growth of 0.4 percent this year, compared to the 1 percent increase last year. Some tourism industry experts believe that tourist arrivals would decrease by 25 percent in 2009.


Anonymous said...

I believe the growth rate will decline by about 10 per cent. The growth rate will pick up after 6 months.

If we look at Singapore the suffered a 15 per cent set back compared to Feb 2008. So this phenomenon will continue till US economy stabilizes. Lets hope that they do so soon.

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