Thoddoo islanders vote in favor of building City Hotel

Monday, 16 March 2009 13:25

Thoddoo islanders have overwhelmingly voted in favor of constructing a city hotel in the island. The vote was taken to ascertain the islanders stand on the matter as a large part of the islands farm land will be included in the hotel premises. Thoddoo islanders’ main livelihood is agriculture and produces various types of vegetables and fruits, especially water melon for the yearly fasting season.

According to Island councilor Adam Majeed, some 300 islanders took part in the vote and only 8 people voted against the construction of the hotel.

Councilor Majeed further said a large part of the Thoddoo is privately owned by some people living in Male’ and if the such land is given back to the islanders the losses incurred due to loss of island’s arable land can be managed.

“These private lands, was originally in Male’ which was transferred to the island of Mulee and later transferred to Thoddoo, the former government made several promises to solve the matter, many drawings were drawn up, but the problem still remains even when the government had completed its term” Councilor explained.

Councilor Majeed further said the matter was raised when President Nasheed visited the island recently and that the president had promised to provide a response within a week. He said despite the president’s word the islanders were still waiting for a reply. He said the existence of private property land poses many problems to Thoddoo islanders. Even though the island is a large island, due to agricultural activities by the islanders, scarcity of suitable arable land is being experienced.


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