Barefoot luxury

Monday, 27 April 2009 13:21

It might mean different things to different people, but barefoot luxury is a travel trend that agents and operators should not ignore, says Gemma Greenwood

If you take the term ‘Barefoot Luxury’ literally, you imagine heading off to a desert island paradise, ditching your shoes and running around free as a bird on golden sands, feeling each grain sinking between your toes before gentle waves lap your feet and wash away that sumptuous grittiness.

It’s a romantic notion, but at many Six Senses resorts, barefoot luxury is just that.

When you arrive in the Maldives and board one of Soneva Gili’s luxury yachts that transports you to the island, one of the first things guests are asked to do is remove their shoes.

The Bangkok-based company, which has become synonymous with ‘Barefoot Luxury’, has a policy of ‘No news, no shoes’ and for the duration of their stay, most guests comply.

On Soneva Gili you breakfast, lunch and dinner in bare feet, ride bikes around the island in bare feet and when it comes to the end of your stay and shoes are once more required when disembarking the yacht on which you arrived, it feels foreign to say the least.

But when defining ‘Barefoot Luxury’, there’s much more to it than throwing away your shoes for a week as industry professionals — and the Six Senses team — explain.

“‘Barefoot Luxury’ is synonymous with a ‘natural’ experience, which is very much a trend these days,” explains Six Senses Resorts and Spas managing director Bernhard Bohnenberger.

“It’s about getting back to nature and being at one with the environment.

“Six Senses was the leader of this trend and continues to implement it at new properties that are climate appropriate. Read more

by Gemma Greenwood


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