Europe warmly receives the idea of 3 star resorts in Maldives

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 08:50

Many European countries are requesting Maldives to offer more three-star resorts. Referring to the recent statements by the President Nasheed during his UK visit, many reports are being written in European newspapers, requesting for three-star resorts.

Given the financial crisis, Europeans can only go to distant locations such as Maldives, if it is cheaper according to reports. “Maldives is one of the best destinations. Many people want to go to Maldives for holidays. But the problem is that ticket and hotels are too expensive. Even though Maldives can’t reduce the ticket costs, they can do something with the hotel costs” said some newspapers.

According to UK’s Daily Telegraph 200,000 from UK alone visited Maldives in 2008, however, in February 2009, the figures went down by 24%. Because of that some tour operators are selling Maldives cheaper than they did before. The article continued to say that some operators are offering package deals while some of the luxury hotels had reduced the charges by 50%.


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