MTDC urges the Court to acquire the rent despite the court proceedings

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 09:57

MTDC had appealed the Civil Court to issue a court order to attain the amount of the rent for the MTDC’s Herethere Island Resort, rented to Yacht Tours, despite the case lodged by the MTDC against the Yacht Tours. During the Court proceedings Shaaheen Hameed, MTDC’s lawyer said Yacht Tours had failed to pay the rent since December 2008.

He said that the figure for unpaid rent amounts to US $ 7,818,000, and this is causing a great deal of trouble to the financial situation of the MTDC. He also highlighted that the MTDC is a public company. In response the Chairman of the Yacht Tours, Abdulla Jabir said that if the Court issues an order to collect the entire amount of the rent that would be an impossible burden for his company. He therefore, urged not the Court not to issue such an order, instead to settle the issue when the legal proceedings are over.

Yesterday’s proceedings were concluded after announcing that another proceeding would be held very soon. When asked by Miadhu Daily regarding the matter, Jabir said that the argument from his side is said in the proceedings and did not want comment further on the issue. He also said that he is confident that the final ruling will be issued after consideration to what has been said by both sides in the proceedings.


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