AeroMobile Service from Dhiraagu Maldives

Monday, 4 May 2009 09:06

Dhiraagu the top telecom operator in Maldives has introduced AeroMobile service. In this services, you can use your mobile in an aero plane while you are flying. Mostly when we get into an aero plane, there will be an announcement to switch off your mobile phones, so its not for all the flight operators, but some selected ones like Emirates (not all the flights) has this facility. Only Dhiraagu in Maldives has this facility. As per Dhiraagu press release, the rates are Mrf. 46.90 / min for outgoing calls to the Maldives, MRf. 83.00 / min for incoming calls from anywhere, and MRf. 10.54 / each SMS sent.

AeroMobile service is similar to roaming. When you use this service, the Aircraft is treated as an outside country and you use the roaming service. You do not need to do any registration for this service if you have international roaming activated.


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