Mollycoddled in the Maldives

Saturday, 13 June 2009 13:08

Imagine lolling on an atoll with the softest white sandy beaches, surrounded by the bluest waters, where you can shut out the rest of the world and just surrender to the thrall of the islands. You’ve just pictured life in the Maldives.

If there’s only one complaint I have about this corner of paradise, it’s the getting there.
The Malaysia Airlines flight lands in Maldives at night, so as the plane descended, I could only imagine the spectacular sight of the myriad atolls by day.

Even so, my excitement was building up when I was greeted by a Club Med representative or G.O. at the Male airport and directed to a cruiser docked right outside the airport.

“How cool is that,” I thought, “that the taxis from the airport are all boats?”
After speeding across the waves for half an hour, I realised that the bright stars I had been gazing at were matched by twinkling lights in the far distance. This was my first glimpse of the dock at Kani, the island which is home to Club Med here.

Club Med is the only resort on Kani so I could practically call it my own. Shared with 400-odd other guests to be sure, but still large enough for me to stake out my very own space as a modern-day Robinson Crusoe. With all the perks and pleasures of a luxury resort thrown in, of course. After all, we are talking about Club Med on the isle of Kani in the Maldives, which has been designed to answer the hedonist’s call for pleasure, the perfect spot to escape from the world.

Nothing prepared me for the view that greeted me the next morning when I drew back the curtains of my chalet: an expanse of the bluest ocean less than 10m away. After I picked my jaw up from the softest sand, I could only go, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

This, I realised in the days to come, is one of the reasons visitors fly thousands of miles to the Maldives. Waters so clear you can look right down to the ocean bed from your boat, and see every shade of blue, from azure to cerulean to ultramarine (somehow turquoise seems so mundane a description). I sat on the dock and spied schools of colourful fish swimming right up to say, “Bonjour!” (This is Club Med, after all.)

As I soon discovered on a discovery tour around the facilities, everything has been thought of and prepared at Club Med to make guests check their brains at the door (or dock in this case) and just surrender to the idyllic experience here. Read more


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