Maldives tourist arrivals decrease by 10 percent - Ministry

Wednesday, 24 June 2009 16:25

Some 282,518 foreign tourists visited Maldives by end of May this year, tourism ministry statistics have revealed. According to the ministry this is 10.5 percent reduction when compared to same period last year.

Statistics indicate tourist arrivals in May this year dropped by 11.5 percent when compared to in May last year. In May this year, 43,154 tourists arrived in Maldives while in May 2008, tourist arrivals were 48,764.

Looking at tourist arrivals for the past 5 months of this year, least number of tourist arrivals were in February and March. According to World Tourism Organization (WTO) there was an 8 percent reduction in global tourism in the first 2 months of 2009. Global economic downturn and the A1H1N1 influenza have had devastating impacts on global tourism industry with an anticipated reduction of 2-3 percent by the end of this year.
Highest number of tourists arrivals, in May this year , were from Italy ,UK , Germany , France , Russia , China , Switzerland , Japan , Australia , and India. In this regard, some 47,714 Italians visited Maldives in May while 43,511 tourists arrived from UK. German tourist arrivals in May this year were 30,010 while some 27,791 tourists arrived from France in that month. Russian tourists’ arrivals stood at 18,919.


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