Fire at Vilu Reef Resort destroys 6 rooms

Sunday, 5 July 2009 08:25

A water bungalow and six rooms in Vilu Reef Resort in Dhaalu Atoll have been destroyed in a fire that broke out on Friday.

Maldives Police Services said they received report of the incident at around 1600 hours on Friday and that fire was extinguished with an hour with the help of islanders living in nearby islands and assistance from other resorts nearby.

Police also said even though the fire was brought under control within an hour, all appliances and items in the bungalow and the six rooms were completely burned downed.

Police further revealed that although 3 of the rooms were occupied at the time of the fire incident there were no causalities. They also revealed the cause of the fire has not been established as yet.

A police team from Dhaalu Atoll Police Station is currently on the island for necessary investigations, Maldives Police Services informed.


subcorpus said...

sad news ...
hope they can recover the losses soon ...

Anonymous said...

It is sad news but it's not right news! I know people that were out there and it actually took 3 and a half hours to put the fires about because nobody knew what they were doing! I know for a fact that some of the couples were extremely distraught and thought that their partners were inside which must have been terrifying! This unfortunate incident was not handled properly at all and if they'd had precautions in place that may not have lost 7 rooms. Very glad everyone was ok and hands up to those that came from other islands to help.

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