“Target is to re-open Herethere by November” MTDC

Thursday, 13 August 2009 15:57

Maldives Tourism Development Cooperation had said that the Company is working on re-possessing Herethere and that it is working on re-leasing the resort to another party after the bidding process and that it hopes to put the resort back in the market by November 2009.

As the Civil Court had issued its verdict on 23 July, calling the Yacht Tours to return the resort within a month to MTDC, due to failure to pay the rent, MTDC’s Chairman, Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem said that he hopes that would be done within 15 days.

In a press conference held in the MTDC’s head office, he said that the cost of damages to the property is being calculated, section by section. He also said that the final position on that would depend on the analysis of the damages incurred and on the negotiations with Yacht Tours.

It was also revealed that the MTDC would hire temporary workers to repair the resort and that it would try to hire locals as much as possible.

Chairman also said that one of the objectives of the Company is to provide job opportunities for locals and that it would continue to work to achieve that.

He also said that the main focus at the moment is on completing 9 resorts and bringing them to the market, out of 15 handed to MTDC.

Out of the 9 resorts only two, Herethere and Uligamu City Hotel, would be directly developed by the MTDC. The main constraint on completing the 50 bed City Hotel in Uligamu is the lack of available sand.

It was also stated during the press conference that the Company is confident that the Uligamu City Hotel would be open for the market during the 2009/10 tourism season.



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