Maldives tourist arrivals will decline by 7.2% this year – Tourism

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 11:33

Ministry of Tourism, Information and Culture had projected that the tourist arrival for Maldives would decline by 7.2% at the end of the year.

Government had previously projected a 15% decline but had revised the figures bearing in mind the economic progress made around the globe and because of the 1.1% increase in the arrivals for the month of August.

Tourism statistics also reveals that tourist arrivals had been on a declining trend since late last year. As of the end of August, arrivals had declined by 8.8% compared to same period last year. Major markets such as Italy, Japan and Germany had shown massive declines. Tourist arrivals from UK had reduced by 13.9% while arrivals from Italy had declined by 15.2%. Arrivals from Germany had declined by 6.6%.

Statistics, however also shows that there are emerging markets for the industry. China has shown a remarkable 22.1% increase while China also makes up 7.9% of the total arrivals. China is now fifth largest market for the industry.

It must also be noted that arrivals from such European countries as Sweden and Romania are increasing while arrivals from the middle-eastern countries are also on a rising trend. United Nations World Tourism Organization projects that global tourist arrivals will decline by 4 – 6%. On a regional outlook, it also says that all continents except Africa will experience a decline of arrivals. For the Asia-Pacific region which Maldives is located, WTO estimates a 1 – 4% decline.


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