Coco Palm Dhunikolhu vying for more awards

Tuesday, 6 October 2009 16:18

Coco Palm Dhunikolhu Resort’s heart is environment and the resort is strongly committed to maintaining it as a model of environment friendly resort, says it General Manager Phillippe. The GM said so when asked how much they are committed and working to address the growing threats of environment through their resort.

He said they will give every consideration to preserving and protecting the environment in the development and management of Coco Palm Resort. ” Environment is our heart, we will do everything on our part for protecting and nourishing the environment, All our staff have been told, trained and reminded about this priority. We have initiated a number of programs towards achieving this objective”, he explained.

Coco Palm Resort has already won the Environment Bronze Award given by the Government, which has motivated them deeply, and they are now working to achieve higher awards. Mr. Phillipe remarked on the unique natural beauty of the Maldives which he said is a great blessing, the beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, marine gardens with so many varieties fish, corals and species, he said. He stated it is the responsibility of everyone, let alone the resorts, to keep the Maldives beautiful, unspoilt, and safe.

Here he touched on the dire need of creating more awareness and responsibility among people to love and care the environment by empowering them and making them feel more about their ownership of the beautiful reefs, sea, sand and islands they are blessed with. ” People can make and bring change. They are rightful owners of these islands and surrounding unique beauties. So they have to be informed, involved and encouraged to love and care this rich and beautiful environment, he said. He stated Coco Palm is one of the partners who are working along side a program dedicated to conserving the islands, reefs, lagoons and other ecosystems of Baa Atoll.

The GM said because of their environment friendly policy and management coupled with the warm hospitality of the resort, they are getting more guests and there are many repeaters among them. Encouraged by the commitment and policies of the Government, Coco Palm is making every effort to carefully implement the policies, while the guests visitng the resort also give their maximum care to the natural environment.

Mr. Phillippe, however sounded very concerned about the careless and irresponsible way some people treat the reefs coral and other ecosystems, he mentioned the problem of throwing waste and garbage to the sea, some of tem often contining harmful objects. He said urgent action is needed to change their attitudes and behaviours. Citing the seas in the Maldives as a very rich and unique natural aquarium, the Coco Palm GM said some of their programs are aimed at tackling such action.

Coco Palm Dhunikolhu Resort also undertakes a program to attar ct students to the twin subjects of tourism and environment. There are growing number of students who are keen to pursue a career in tourism and hospitality, he said.


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