Maldivian divers to make human 350 underwater

Friday, 9 October 2009 13:48

Maldives Divers Association has said that to mark International Day of Climate Action and the 350 campaign, they will be organizing a special dive where 350 divers will arrange themselves in the shape of the number 350 with coloured lights underwater. This particular event will take place at 0350 in the afternoon on 24th October.

According to MDA, they will begin their 24 hour dive event at midnight 1200 and will take place in front of the President’s Office.

International Day of Climate Action will be marked all over the world by governments, NGOs, International Organizations and even individuals. So far 144 countries are participating a total of 1853 activities have been organized to be carried out on this day.

To get the latest information on 350, you can sms 350 to the number 9900350 and you will get the latest update on events organized for 24th October.

The aim of marking International Day of Climate Action is to spread a message to the world to reduce the carbon emissions to 350 from its present 383 level.


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