Film crew dives into the incredible secret world of the giant manta ray

Wednesday, 11 November 2009 20:00

Gliding through the oceans like ghosts, these mysterious manta rays have been captured in unique footage filmed off the coast of Mozambique.

Biologist Andrea Marshall is shown performing a ballet-like dance with the inquisitive giant fish, which she described as 'the most beautiful underwater birds.'

The experienced diver has been based in the coastal African country since 2003. She spent last year swimming with the black-winged creatures alongside a film crew for a BBC documentary.

Until recently it was thought there was only one species of manta ray, but Dr Marshall realised many of the rays - that can grow up to 23ft long - displayed different markings and behaviour.

These ocean-faring rays did not stick to the shallow reefs like the others, but migrated 700miles to the Maldives, which is the longest migration known for a fish in the Indian ocean.

The mantas were tracked by the team using a GPS system, which revealed they made their epic voyage in just 60 days.


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